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Re: Worried about height - please help

Thanks for your responses so far...heres a little more info:

My grandfather is staying with us for a bit now, and he told us:

My uncle who is 6'0", was 3-4 inches shorter than my dad when he was 17, and grew till he was 21. We saw a video of it, and he was really 3-4" shorter than my dad when he was 17.

I'm taller than my dad was when he was my age.

Oh and btw, @Package Deal, my grandfather was 5'7" when he was younger (due to age he is 5' 6" now) and my grandmother was about 5' 3".....yet my dad still grew pretty tall.

I have increased my activity level, especially running, im about 5' 7.5" now, 135 lbs...and i have been for about 4 months, i feel like i have flatlined now.

It is also a worry for me that maybe i grew early, and this is the most ill grow now, instead of growing late like my uncle.