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Unhappy 16 Male Sexual Health Question

So I'm having a problem that is becoming more and more embarrassing.
So my problem has a few parts. One of which parts is often me and my Girlfriend will begin to heat up and I'll be erect and ready to go. Either I will get soft before we begin or I will as soon as we slow down or switch position.

My other problem is I can't orgasm when she gives me head or a handjob. I feel it start to come and then it dies down as soon as I get close and repeats that cycle until she gets tired and gives up.

Some Information:
About 6 months ago before I met my current and serious girlfriend, I had a fling with a girl who ended up giving me Chlamydia. I was treated twice as the first time it didn't work fully. It was my bad for not using a condom and lessons were learned.

Another note, I have orgasmed from blowjobs and handjobs before. I have always had a problem getting hard, but no where near as bad as I do now.

One last thing. I have noticed the head of the epididimus that connects to my testicle is a hardish lump on one testicle. I've read places that this can be normal and have been to embarrassed to get it looked at.

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