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Accidentally glutened???? HELP!!!

Im so confused with this whole gluten/celiac thing. I have suffered from heartburn, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gas, skin rashes etc for years...It has been getting worse every year, and I thought it was just normal for me.Heres some history.....
I got a new Dr and he did some blood work for severe fatigue, and It came back that I was very iron deficient, very vit d deficient, and b 12 deficient. He pressed further and tested my IGG or IGA levels and they came back at 378 (very high end of "normal") ...He then had me do enterolabs stool test and those results were well above normal and recommended a GF diet. I did the diet for 10 months, then went to a gastroenterologist as my gerd was getting so painful even with a PPI. He did a upper endoscopy scope, and said he did small intestine biopsies. EGD confirmed Gerd, and all biopsies were normal he said. So I got to go off of the GF diet. All symptoms slowly returned. And the Heartburn (esophageal spasms) became closer and closer together. But I later heard that the small intestine biopsies shouldnt be performed while on a GF diet (which I was for 10 months prior to the Scope).. I dont know why the GI doc wouldnt have told me this.
I finally went back to my dr with the itchiest rash on just my elbows and knees. I was referred to a dermatologist who biopsied it and sent it to UCLA. He was sure it was a condition called granuloma annulare. Well it wasnt, it came back inconclusive....they called it superficial perivascular dermatitis....Mr regular dr wasnt happy with this so I went back to dermotologist with instructions to ask for a IGG skin biopsy for dermatitis herpetiformis...the dr said that he wouldnt do it again because to him it didnt matter what the biopsy results were, he knew it was granuloma annulare (as it has a circular raised lesions). I thought that was a bit pretentious as UCLA said it wasnt this conditon he thought it was.
So now I am anemic again, and dr told me to go GF for 3 months to see if I feel better. Well I am 6 weeks in and I feel great. Except, I ate some soup at a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant and have had horrible Heartburn, diarrhea that smells like chemicals, and cramping. I called the restaurant to confirm it was Gluten free, and they said it was, but I dont think they really understand what GF is. They said there was MSG in it, but no "gluten". \
My question is....I ate the soup On Wednesday night, and an hour and half later had the most painful heartburn /spasms..... they continued last night several times as well along with the diarrhea. Could the soup of had gluten or is it unrelated? And if so, could it cause a reaction so quickly and for 2 days?
Thanks for any replies, I appreciate it

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