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Re: Sickle Cell- What the doctors didnt tell us

If it is sickle cell anemia, then the number of red blood cells is low because sickle cells don't last very long as the bone marrow can't make new red blood cells fast enough to replace the dying ones.
Some information : some who have the disease have chronic (long-term) pain or fatigue (tiredness). there may be other complications too. some patients might however show few symptoms.
Bone marrow transplant offers the only potential cure for sickle cell anemia.
Antibiotics, hydroxea, pain relieving medcations might be used to treat it . over the counter meds must be used with caution howeevr.

your child might be helped by taking folic acid supplements daily, by drinking plenty of water, and avoiding temperature extremes among other things. Wish your child and you the very best, hon.

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