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Re: Brostrom Surgery in 13 days (I am scared)

Originally Posted by notsohappyfeet View Post
This is not my first rodeo in foot/ankle surgery, but this time my Husband will not be here and I will nwb for a while. I have a friend that will be staying with me so that is a plus but I also have to little boys ages 5.5 and almost 3. I am afraid they will hit it or cause more pain.

I am most scared about being on crutches because I just had a rotator cuff repair 6.5 months ago and my shoulder gets sore kind of fast.

Lastly can I get some tips on house preperations and other things that will make life more ummm comfortable.

I agree with Hollywood about meals, setting things up, a shower chair is a must and a knee roller if you can borrow or purchase one. There is a link for non weight bearing & how to prepare for it:

It can be scary and discouraging - but just face it one step(no pun intended) at a time. Stay ahead of your meds and ice it as much as possible/elevate it. Good luck!

I had a modified brostrom and peronaral(sp?) tendon repair on 2/22/12 as well as some torn muscle cut out of my leg.