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Pulse Pressure 60 to 65 - Why?

I'm on Lisinopril/HCTZ 20mg/25mg for hypertension (was diagnosed at 17 with a reading of 170/110).
Granted I've had plenty of ECG's, blood tests, worn a holter monitor for 24 hours, had an ECHO test, etc.
I'm told my heart and organs and such are doing just fine.

So, while I'm still on my quest to figure out WHY I have hypertension... for now my question is, considering my readings are something like...
136/72 - PP 64
142/79 - PP 63
128/78 - PP 50
146/87 - PP 59
...are these pulse pressure readings a matter of concern? Should I look a bit further into this? What might be some possible causes of this?

P.S. - My pulse ranges between 65 to 82.

Also, I rarely eat canned foods, I eat plenty of veggies, not big on red meats so mostly chicken for my meat consumption and fast foods are also a rarity.
And I walk for 20 mins everyday OUTSIDE, not on a treadmill lol.
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