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T Inversions on ecg, doc has referred me to specialist asap, what does it mean?

hi, hope some one can help!

i have been having palpitations alot and went to docs, i am only 32. i am tired all the time too. i had a funny turn at home which prompted me to go to docs. blood pressure is ok, it has gone high a few times but is genrally within the normal range

doc sent me for an ecg and i got a call late that night (7pm) saying i had to go in monday morning and see the doc about the results. my blood tests were fine except cholestorol abit high, 5.6.

he said my ecg was abnormal, said there where t inversions, which i have no idea what they are! he said with this, my symptoms and my dads history of heart arrthymia i had to see a specialist quite urgently!

can any one explain what t inversions are please?


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