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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

Hi guys, Just wanted to put in a quick post because I am making some progress with my 6 year old son's LPR and acid reflux. Months ago, I was at a complete loss for what to do. He had been on Omeprazole (Prilosec generic) and Zantac for over a year... maxed out levels of these, and they were doing nothing. He had a chronic cough (every 20 seconds sometimes for hours on end) and did chronic throat clearing. He had a thick layer of white mucus on the back of his throat that no specialist could account for or do anything about. He had chronic sinus infections and ear infections (resulting in 2 sets of ear tubes). We had gone through all the testing (endoscopies/biopsies, ph metry testing, immunity testing, asthsma testing, a gastric emptying test, CT scans, etc., etc.). Thus, after basically giving up on finding a cure via our conventional doctors, I joined message boards like these to see what others had to say.

First, via this group, I learned about the importance of Vitamin D3. My son's level was very low, 32, but most of our conventional docs said that as he fell within the "normal range", not to start giving him suppliments. However, after our allergist that agreed with me that my son's level was too low, we started D3 for him, and he started to improve... it was only a tiny bit, but it was worth it! Then, we started him on a probiotic tablet in the morning... again, a tiny improvement. Then, a new GI doc suggested that the Zantac may be causing the cough, so we reduced his Zantac by 1/2 (slowly) and made more progress (his cough went way down!). We also got my son an immunity booster shot as his immunity levels were SO low. Finally, as so many people suggested to do on these boards, we started looking into local naturopathic and holistic doctors.

The first naturopathic doc that we went to said that my son had an intolerance to cow's milk, baking yeast and sugar. So, I switched him to goats milk and cut out pretty much all of his cheese and breads (including pizza dough... hard to do, but we use something called Lavish now. It's like a pita bread, and it's an okay substitute... better than nothing). And, in 3 days of doing this, his throat clearing went away... completely! Our allergist was blown away... the mucus in this throat was finally gone. The naturopathic said that the mucus was the body's reaction to the food intolerances. She also put my son on a digestive enzyme. He takes it 3 times a day with each meal. And, as for food, we continue to follow a strict diet... none of the foods mentioned above, plus none of the standard reflux causing foods: no tomatoes, no spicy food, no chocolate (such a hard thing for a kid to give up, but I've been substituting in as many non-chocolate yummy sugar-free alternates as possible). We also try to eat Gluten free whenever possible. My son does not have celiacs disease, but as gluten-free foods are easier to digest, why not?!

Another naturopathic doc put my son on a few more suppliments, and he continues to improve. We are still doing a dose of Prilosec in the morning and a dose of Zantac before bed, but we hope to eliminate the Zantac by mid summer. And, we hope to get off the Prilosec asap after that.

Anyway, I guess the main thing I want to do was to inspire people to not give up on their situation. If you can find a good naturopathic doc nearby, they might be worth a visit. We have also had great success in following a strict reflux-friendly diet and trying out all those enzymes and suppliments that I was initially so afraid of (just because they were foreign to me). I wish everyone the best! LPR is a terrible condition to have to endure! I know our journey to completely heal my son is long from over, but he is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better off than he was a few months back. I finally have hope again, and I want the same for you! (Again, I know that everyone's situation is different, but maybe some of these same suggestions will work for someone else out there... if so, it's worth the post!) Good luck!