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Re: Anyone with LPR and healing well ??

Hi everyone: my heart really goes out to all that are suffering so much with LPR. I too had it extremely severe LPR for two years. None of the PPIs helped me. A fundoplication surgery left me 10x worse. I was devasted. Words are not adequate enough to describe this devasting anatomical problem of the UES/LES.

I can't quite believe I have pulled myself out of the severest LPR. I was slowly dying and all my Drs were/are at a loss as to how to help me. They permitted me after awhile to experiment. I started off with heavy duty medical doses of probiotics. Over 4-5 months I got a 30% improvement. But a burn is a burn and its was still horrible. Like all of you I kept a very alkaline diet. I burned on everything even water. It was a night mare and the throat/head/nerve pain was excruciating. My Drs cut me lose last Aug 2011. Said there was nothing more they could do for me. They told me they did not know what I had. They refused to send me to out for an outside opinion. I couldn't imagine living a life with my family in this horrible condition.

I went on the web and asked what strengthens muscles and up popped Vitamin D. The more I researched the more I thought it could help. And it has. I have been working on getting my Vit D score to 65 and then maintain it. I also go out in the sun at least 20 minutes a day. I've improved so much over the last 10 months. I see my ENT to have my throat scoped every 6 months. On each visit so far he continues to say my throat is less red and continues to improve. I have my life back and I still can't quite believe I got control of it with Vit D3 drops. Its not a pefect cure but pretty close. Please get your Vit D test done every 3 months, read as much as you can on Vit D, and at least experiment and get your score to a 65 and get 20 minutes of sun each day on as much exposed skin as possible. I would be interested if anyone else experiences improvement like I have.