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Smile Re: Experiences with Flying

Originally Posted by peofe View Post
Me: I had my stapedectomy March 14th and my recovery has gone pretty well. I still have a bit of the numbness on my tongue, and although blowing my nose now, I am still sneezing thru my mouth. I sneeze hard!

I have read several posts in various threads about the first flight post surgery. I am scheduled for vacation in August, and will be taking a 5 hour flight on a commercial plane and i'm nervous.

What is your experience with that first flight? I thought it might be good to have a thread that organizes this topic.

Hi Peofe

I recently had my first flight post stapedectomy. I am happy to report that everything went great. I had my surgery in August and flew in May, so I did wait as long as I could. I did take a pseudoephedrine (Sudafed 12 hour, the one you have to get from behind the counter at the pharmacy). I took it one hour before the flight. I brought gum and a water bottle and made sure I was chewing gum and swallowing water during take off and landing. I was swallowing alot the whole time. I also had a bottle of Afrin nasal spray, which I used in the plane right before take off. I didn't use it at all on my return flight. My ears did fine, in fact, I had more trouble with my unoperated ear popping than I did the fixed ear. I flew from Dallas to New York City, almost a four hour flight. I just was conscious of my ears and made sure to keep swallowing and never forced my ears to pop by blowing with my mouth closed or anything like that. I am so happy that everything went well and wanted to let all my stapedectomy friends know about my experience. If you have any questions, please ask.