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Re: Pulse Pressure 60 to 65 - Why?

Originally Posted by atengnr View Post
Well, this is commonly occurring in essential hypertension. It is one of many abnormalities evident. If you indeed have essential hypertension, I think that there is currently no answer as to why this occurs.
Ahh. Well that is a bummer. BUT, the bright side of this is that at least we understand it this far. Surely in time we will learn more.

Originally Posted by atengnr View Post
As far as vascular compliance, yes there is a test that some dr. have the capability to do, its done in the office. Ive forgotten the name of the product used to do this testing. It is more informational than anything right now, because the results do not change the management of the high blood pressure.
Hmm, I'll have to ask my Dr. then and see if he knows the procedure in question.

Originally Posted by atengnr View Post
So, since it sounds like you have been to the doctors over the years, I presume that you have been worked up for hyperaldosteronism, pheochromocytoma, renal artery stenosis, coarctation of the aorta (ruled out because you state you had an echocardiogram)?? You have normal kidney function? Thyroid is normal?
Oddly enough, my kidneys have been no cause for concern by any of my Drs. Except in one isolated occurrence in which I used to powerlift A LOT and consume a good deal of whey protein and creatine monohydrate and my Dr. at the time noticed my creatinine levels were slightly up.
Ever since I stopped, my kindeys have been no cause for concern by any of my Drs.

But, of all the testing I've had done... I can safely say I haven't had my Thyroid or my Adrenal Glands tested. I mean, I've had the typical 'throat checks' where they feel for an enlarged thyroid but from what I've read, not everyone who has hyperthyroidism necessarily has an enlarged thyroid (or large enough to feel it).
But, I do sweat at room temperature, typically have a raised body temp (not outside of the normal range, though), insomnia, raised metabolism, odd moments of a lasting spiked pulse (usually in the 80-90's as opposed to my average 60-70's) without a known cause, restlessness (could be attributed to my ADHD, though), fatigue (could be attributed to my hypertension itself, or the side effects of Lisinopril), anxiety, as well heart palpitations (also could be attributed to my hypertension itself).
And at times my blood pressure has risen to 150-160 over 90-100, again without a known cause and while on my medication that usually controls to 120-130 over 75-85.

Granted I don't know the likelihood of my having hyperaldosteronism, hyperthyroidism or a pheochromocytoma but... what do you think (based on the shared info) seems likely of my situation?

P.S. - Tyvm for the shared info, thoughts and generalized brainstorming. Much appreciated.
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