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Re: Skin check

First, what was the reason for the skin check? Has there been a history of skin cancer in your husband's past?

Second, I have had melanoma, so regular skin checks with a dermatologist are the norm for me. And I've never had a skin check like the one you've described. My skin checks are more, uh, revealing than a gyno exam in a lot ways! This might TMI for some people, but I am completely disrobed, and the dermatologist checks everywhere - underarms, groin area, between toes/fingers, behind knees, backside, behind ears, through the scalp. At least with a gyno exam, I have a sheet that covers most of my body through it! A skin check? Uh-uh! It's one of the reasons why I insist on a female derm.

Now, with this being said, I'm not sure if I am subjected to this type of skin check because I have been so lucky as to have had melanoma, or if this is how this dermatologist handles this situation. I will say this: even though it can be an ordeal to go through, I do feel much better afterward that she has seen every square inch of skin and nothing was hidden. (Literally!!)

Now, Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinomas usually develop were sun damage has happened (although there can be exceptions), melanoma can develop anywhere. Even places were the sun don't shine. This is why it is important to check one's skin all over and not just those places where one feels only the sun reaches or where moles are currently located. My melanoma developed independently, not from a mole that was already established.