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Re: I'm having alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but I still drink

Originally Posted by katlin09 View Post
I'm not sure how old you are, but those could be indicative of hormone issues as well. Night sweats are classic estrogen imbalance symptoms. Have you tried taking a really hot bath and soaking in it for a while before bed to relax and loosen your muscles. And when you get in bed only cover up with a light sheet. When you have night sweats if you use any kind of heavy blanket, that'll just make the sweats worse, use a light cotton sheet and it will help your body stay cool; a fan can help also.

Hi Katlin09, I'm 33 years old and truly, I think it has to do with the alcohol. I would love to take a bath every night to relax, but we don't have a bath tub only a shower :-( Whenever I sweat at night, it's not because I'm hot, I usually get cold from all that sweat. Thank you for your response.