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Re: I'm having alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but I still drink

Originally Posted by candyheart View Post
what I believe is happening is that your body is needing MORE alcohol than your usual. Your body is not getting enough alcohol to satisfy its need--so you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is the nightmare of addiction. As time goes by, your body will need more and more alcohol to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Eventually you will be drinking constantly, just to keep your body comfortable. Please start now to get help for yourself.
Hi Candyheart, I already called a few places to help me with my problem. I know exactly what you mean. When I started drinking, I would get drunk with half a bottle of wine, but now I drink the whole bottle. I know that my body is needing more and more every day, that's why I've decided to get some help. I've tried to do it by myself, but it's just not working. Thank you for your advice.