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Unhappy Re: autoimmune mess!

You did answer part of my question. I wasn't really clear because I'm pretty scattered/fogged, lol. But the thyroid antibodies being up means activity? So maybe that is making me feel yukky too? I do always have a mild butterfly rash (for years now) and my derm has documented it, as well as my other obscure rashes. It seems I have many lupus symptoms, although that's why they call it the great mimicker I guess, as it mirrors so many different syndromes. I have been tested for lupus more times than I can count at this point. I have had both positive and negative ana's, and when positive they have been both speckled and homogenous (at different times of course) but all with relatively low titers so far. I am in a tremendous flare at the moment. Problem is I don't know what's what! My PsA affects my hips and spine primarily and has done significant damage already. But the fibro and hashi's overlaps so much I can't tell which is causing what? Very confusing. I guess my question is how do I distinguish which is causing my symptoms, and therefore which to flare I'm trying to settle down? Jeez, lol, not sure how I could expect anyone else to know if I can't figure it out but I'm desperate and just having a really bad couple weeks : ( And I would also like to know if anyone else has similar overlaps and how they deal with it?