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Re: autoimmune mess!

Lol, Thanks for that! I know there's not a whole lot we can say sometimes but just knowing someone understands is everything sometimes : ) I have been on plaquenil, methotrexate and another I forget, all did nothing. I'm now on Enbrel, as well as Celebrex and pain pills (Norco/Dilaudid on BAD days) and prednisone when the inflammation is awful. Plus I get trigger point injections in my back and neck, and intraarticular hip injections with kenalog when I start limping too bad... its a hefty load to manage, lol. I need to talk to my rheumy about something for the fibro like lyrica or something maybe... until then idk... as for the sun, yes I definitely have been. I hadn't thought about that but I have a pool and a garden, so I'm sout in it all the time. I would hate to think that's causing it : (