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Need an Energy Boost any Ideas

Hello all my friends, has anyone got any ideas on boosting energy levels. Even after 3yrs I still get the feeling of heaviness and everything is such an effort. It's like someone is pushing me from the top of my head and pushing me down so my arm and leg feel like lead weights, I was hoping this feeling would go but hey ho it's still there. I also still get woozy head, the doctor is now telling me it's positional vertigo it does come and go so she is probably right but it really gets you down.
On the funny side, I assaulted a woman with a pound of sausages!! for some reason I picked them up in my left hand (my affected side) now my left hand will either grab hold and not let go or it flings things with vigour, so for that reason I don't pick things up with it, but this day I was chatting and completely forgot grabbed the sausages and off they went and hit this woman on her arm she went beserk and all I could do was giggle at her whilst bending down to pick my sausages up off the floor, I did say I am so sorry but she was having none of it, she wouldn't have it to be that I had had a stroke and just kept ranting on even as she was walking away. So in one way I was chuffed that she thought there was nothing wrong with me but on the other hand I still couldn't eat my sausages so not so chuffed on that one.
Hope you are all well, and looking forward to Tim coming back.
Take care

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