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Re: XELODA /capecitabine /

Hi gwb123, Thank you so much for your response to my information given on this board. YOur message is very inspiring and a very motivational for me, who doesn't want to believe that I will be cured and free of cancer. I am at the moment at the beginning of the 6th cycle / 2 weeks on pills and 1 week off pills. So far, I have not experienced a major side effects. There were some blisters on my feet and some sensitivity of my hands.
I am physically very fit and do lot of walking / approx 50 miles during one cycle of the therapy. I maintain my weight and my blood tests shows all normal. I just wonder whether therapy works or not. Test of CEA - 1.6 /1600mm3 /.
I was initially on 3600 / for 2 cycles / and it was reduced to 3000 a day, when I developed rediness of hands and rediness and blisters on feet.
I wonder, what is your age / I am 73 /and what was your life style / diet, excercises etc.
You have given me a hope as I am at the moment mentally very down. I have no any support from anybody, so I really appreciate your effort and time to respond to my concerns.
Best wishes