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Re: autoimmune mess!

I really hope its not the sun also : (. I'm so sensitive to cold that I really worship the sun. I'm sure it has something to do with the rashes but idk about the flare. I'm starting to thik like u said that it was the weather change. I seem to flare every time it does. And the last 2 days were a little cloudy and it rained. I always dismiss the rain and realize it later, lol. I'm starting to snap out of it a little. But always, no matter how much I hurt I force myself to stay upbeat and get things accomplished. I'm gonna hurt either way as I figure it, so may as well NOT put my life on hold for a "good day" lol. Oh, and I don't have active psoriasis any more. I acquired all this from strep throat initially. The strep caused guttate psoriasis, which is more like a rash than plaques. Once I got light box treatments they went away but the arthritis kicked in a few years later : ( so far my hands and smaller joints don't giv me too much trouble. My hips are my nemesis! Lol. My ortho do says I won't b leaving this world with these hips. My spine also, I've already had one surgery on my neck because of the damage. I thk he said its the spondylitis type of PsA.... I feel for u with your knitting. I do a lot of crafting and I hope my hands stay unaffected for a while!