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CML Diagnosis? Is it possible after tests came back normal?

My mom was diagnosed with having a large spleen due to low platelet count. She had the spleen removed over a month ago, prior to the removal, she was tested for all types of cancers and any other blood disorders. She had a bone marrow biopsy as well. Everything came back normal or negative of any illnesses. The spleen was removed and her platelet count rose and she was feeling great. She still is feeling great, but now I just found out, that she had a call from her Dr, stating that they found something in her blood? She is going in for the results today and from what she tells me the Dr believes she has CML. I have no idea what this is, other than she said it is leukemia. Why wouldn’t this have been found prior to the spleen removal? If they did all these blood tests and everything came back fine, what escalated this to where we are now? I am so upset and nervous, and I am “googling” everything and every word associated with this under the sun? HELP

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