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Re: Does this mean I'm hypothyroid now?

I'm more confused than ever. I fully thought I had become hypothyroid (and quite bummed about it), but then I saw my endocrinologist and he ordered a Thyroid Uptake and Scan. I had to stop the Methimazole before the test.

I had thyroid function blood work done a few days prior to the test, and the results from that blood work put me back in hyperthyroid level, so I'm just very confused.

The following results are from about 10 days after stopping Methimazole for the rest:
TSH was <0.015 L normal range was 0.465 4.680 uIU/mL
T4, Free was 2.69 H normal range 0.79 2.35 ng/dL
T3, Total was 2.97 H normal range was 0.97 1.69 ng/mL

My dose was lowered to 5 mg daily (for when I restarted after the test)... which I did a few days ago.

I'm wondering if you can also explain the results of the uptake and scan:

Static images demonstrate bilaterally symmetric diffuse thyroid activity. There is no evidence of focal cold or hot nodule. There is increased uptake. 4 hour uptake level is 51% and 24 hour uptake level is 71%.

Findings are consistent with hyperthyroidism most likely secondary to Graves' disease. Please correlate.

I don't have my next appointment until the end of the month.