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Hello! So for the past 2.5-3 weeks I havent been feeling well. I have been able to carry on with my day, and i havent missed any school! I have had these off and on headaches, quite dizzy, and some times a stomach ache/nausea feeling. My headaches are usually at my temples, or on the front left or right side of my head. I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago when it first started and they treated me for sinunsitis ( i had stuffy sinus then!) and the antibiotic helped a bit but now i am off it and it still hurts. I have been drinking lots of water and maintaing a very healthy diet. Usually after I eat/in the middle of the day I will get this nausea feeling, but it goes away after about 5 minutes or so! I havent puked though! I have been searching the internet trying to figure out what is wrong, and it makes me more worried. I am scared I have a brain bleed or a tumor. I also have been very upset because my friend just got diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. I have also been SUPER stressed out so that could be causing the headaches. I get a good amount of sleep about 9 hours a night. I also asked my mom to bring me to the doctor again and she refuses too because she is a RN and she says I am fine and it is nothing. I use my cell phone and computer a lot so they could be making the headqaches worse? I just really am worried that it is something severe Please answer! Thank you for reading this and have a good day!! ANy thoughts on what this may be??


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