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core biopsy

i posted here last week saying that i had found a marble sized movable lump in my right armpit only a year after being diagnosed with and surviving lung cancer.well,i have had a mammagram and ultrasound and the lump is a lymphnode which is a little swollen but doesnt look suspicious.but the mammagram showed up two tiny,and i mean tiny,about 2-3mm,areas in my right breast.they are not lumps,just little patches that the docter was a little concerned about.he said they could just be normal breast tissue but with my history he didnt want to take any chances with me.i had a core biopsy taken of both areas and he placed a marker next to each one in case of any future surgery being needed as they were so small.i should get the results next there anything these little area's could be besides cancer?and if they are cancerous,how would they remove them if they are so small?or would they just give me chemo or radio.i would be grateful for any input as my mind is going into overdrive with all the what if's.thankyou.

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