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Re: Ankle replacement vs debridement, spur removal & peroneal tendon surgery

Thank you for your response K_Lana. That is terrible that your STAR replacement failed! How long have you had it? How did you know it failed? What kind of options do you have now? I'm so sorry you are going through this.

I appreciate your advice. I am definitely leaning toward the simpler surgery, although it's not really that simple. No matter what, I will need to have the peroneal tendon fixed. He said they would carve a groove into my fibula and detach the tendon, then reattach it. That is the part the has me the most scared. I'm not even sure how they reattach it or what kind of incision it will be. I had the spurs taken out once before, so at least I know how that feels (not great!). That recovery took awhile and I was only 30 years old back then!

I have an appt with my doc on June 28, and I have a big list of questions, both medical and practical. Like, when can I drive? Unfortunately, it's my right ankle and I have a stick shift. Time to get an automatic, I guess!