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Re: CML Diagnosis? Is it possible after tests came back normal?

Ok, so CMML is quite different from your typical CML although they tend to get lumped together quite often for a couple reasons but, that's irrelevant. And a 7-8 lb spleen! No wonder she feels better regardless!

I don't think removing her spleen put her in remission, your spleen should be a little less than half a pound. Your Mom's was many times larger than what it should have been and since your organs don't normally just grow out of control for no reason, it was obviously diseased. Removing it took a huge burden off your Mom's body, instead of constantly fighting this insanely diseased organ it can now take a rest and get back to normal. Hence all of her blood counts getting better.

A normal platelet count is obviously great news and in my personal opinion (I work in oncology research and I have a particular interest in leukemias, but I'm not an MD) not having a spleen to worry about when she does need to take Dacogen (decitabine) is even better. CMML does progress pretty slowly and knowing now rather than later will help as her doctor will be able to monitor her closely for any changes and begin treatment as necessary. That's way better than being diagnosed when you're in an acute phase or having symptoms.

I'm happy to hear your Mom really likes her doctor! Not everyone can say that!