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Originally Posted by catmandu1949 View Post
i am going back to my urologist and demand something be done about this. did you have your surgery yet? what kind of surgery are they doing?
Hi all,

My surgery was a small incision made in my urethra to extract a puss filled cyst called ( urethral diverticulum). It was done on Monday June 4th. We are now Friday June 8th and I am feeling great!

My surgery went better than I thought. I had the choice to get put to sleep with gas or to get an epidural.

I was so nervous and stressed I was crying and I felt like being sick. When I got in the operating room, the nurses and doctors comforted me and they checked my vital signs every minute !

My anastologist gave me a needle to freeze my arm so I didn`t feel a thing when she installed the IV that I was so afraid of. She gave me a dose of gravol as well as a relaxant.

When she gave me the epidural I didn`t feel anything since I was so relaxed on what she had given me. The drugs are very powerful and it was just like I was put to sleep but I was still awake! Amazingly surprising !

The operation lasted 45 minutes. It was FREEZING in there to make sure no germs and bacteria stay alive !

Then I was brought to the recovery room and I stayed there for 1 hour. The nurse put warm blankets on me because I was froozen and once I was stable she brought me back to the room I was in with my mom !

The nurse taking care of me made sure my pressure was good and stable and once I urinated I was aloud to go home. I got out of the hospital 5 hours later !

The first time I urinated it was only blood coming out but the nurse had warned me that it was normal...

I had 1 week off of work ordered from my doctor and 7 days of antibiotics to take.

The three first days it hurt while urinating it was really sensitive and my back felt really stiff because of the epidural.

Now I feel fine but my urethra is extremely itchy and I have stitches that are going to melt soon. I think that I am healing very well and I am happy that it is finally done.

I have an appointment with my urologist in 3 weeks for a check up!

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