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Question Stabilizing following disaster....

Hi all, I had a dental disaster with a dentist several years ago involving splint therapy. I was in PT for a long time to correct skeletal imbalances the device had caused. PT ultimately had to be discontinued since it was damaging and caused more issues. I felt like I had been hit by a bus the day following PT. I've since learned that I have ligament laxity - hypermobility syndrome, possible Ehlers Danlos. So I would assume there was never a place for me to stabilize. PT just shuffled me around stabilizing nowhere causing more pain. I would walk out and my head would be spinning. So I stopped and began treatment with a NM dentist and this was also unsuccessful. I had the same response with increased skeletal distortions. Apparently, I'm Gumby. I realize I now have a great deal of cranial distortion complicated by the treatments. One tmj is higher than the other, one more prominent, one cheekbone up and one down. I'm unable to swallow well, can't breathe, SI joint out. back teeth don't meet at all, have a jaw cant and crossbite and virtually no occlusion to speak of, losing lower arch. I was also born with an underdeveloped jaw and everything that goes along with that. I need the stability EVERYWHERE. I've recently tried passive Feldenchrist but it bulks up one side of the body due to the imbalance. All the weight is to one side so one hip is muscular and the other is atrophied due to compensations. So, I'm back to the balancing act. I could try a flat plane splint along with cranial work to try to balance but I have to be careful because I go into rotation when we begin adjusting. It's been suggested that I try palate expansion (ALF) but I'm very cautious because of my history. Interestingly, when I was previously in PT I wore a flat plan splint very briefly and my body was holding all of the adjustments my PT made. My dentist couldn't make the connection and it was unfortunately discontinued. So, I realize the jaw/occlusion was never stable but by adding dental support the body stabilizes. Don't know if I'm missing something. I'm beyond frustrated but need to do something. I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who can understand this thread. ;-0

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