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Re: XELODA /capecitabine /

Hi gwb
Thank you so much for your response. Your response is the most informative and very inspirational I have ever received. I am at the moment in half way of my 6th cycle and I am so far free of side effect except some sensitivity to both of my hands and inconsistant BM.
I worry about my low WBC which went down from the previous cyckle blood tests avarage
5.4 to 4.6 and Neutrophile from 3.2 / previous cycle / to 2.5. My doctor assures me that it is normal. My doctor is a family doctor working for the team / oncologist, radiologist / and I am dealing with her only. My oncologist during my first meeting with her / having only biopsy results and no Bone Test, no CT and no MRI tests for lungs and pancreas / without any discussion decided to administer FOLFLOX regimen with implanting CVAD. I was not aware of the procedure in deatails as the oncologist was not going much into details as I had no idea what kind of question should I ask being completely ignorant about chemotherapy treatments. After some reading some more information I have found out about other options of chemo treatment and particularly treatment for the older patients without a very intrusive and very agressive Folflox + Oxioplatin and CAVD. I learned about installing CVAD upon my return home informing me that I must report next day to a hospital for implenting me device. Just before I met my oncologist i had a discussion with a radiologist who also without any tests automatically wanted to administer radiation. After a discussion he had withdraw his decision. My current doctor I deal with confirmed that I wouldnot need radiation. I told my oncologist the next day that I would be extremely uncomfortable with the device in my chest with protruding tube and pumping for 46 hours drug. As I am and always have been a very active person involved from my young age in sport and continuing to be physically active, I couldn`t imagine myself being restricted with that device for 6 months. It would effect badly my enxiety level making me all the time worried about side effects of CVAD - trombosis, blocked catheter or tube, demage by accidental pulling tshirt etc. So the oncologist decided to treat me with Xeloda, I guess she was pretty reluctant as she is specializing in trials and likely FOLFLOX was her specialty and wanted to have another quinea pig , older a very physically fit subject. You as an American know how much farmaceutical co charges cancer clinics for drug used for intravenously treatment, not mentioning a cost to a health system to treat patients in hospital with their at least 30 visits versus patients on Xeloda - only 8. One lady in USA paid for 2 infusions of Oxiplatin -
$6000.00 . So far Xeloda`s bill is approx $3000.
It seems to me that you are pretty conversant with that terrible desease. I am still in the process of getting familiar with my problem as from doctors one learns not much as it seems like they are afraid not to be involved in discussion just in case a patient asks more complicated question.
I asked the doctor what was my Stage. She wrote me in my notebook :
rectosigmoid : pT3 pN1b l2 out of 47 high grade
splenic flexure: pT1 Nx low grade
There is no metastasis to other organs.
Again, I would really appreciate your comments.
All the best