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Re: Stabilizing following disaster....

Thank you so much for your insightful reply! Our stories are incredibly similar. I had previously been in treatment with a top NM DDS co-treating with a SOT chiro. Unfortunately, I only met with the chiro during the orthotic adjustments (8 week intervals) There was also a lack of communication and coordination between the DDS and chiro and my adjustments never held leading to even more physical distortions. I also question the NM equipment i.e. jaw tracking in order to find the "perfect bite." Did your DDS use this? In my situation the new jaw position was probably too abrupt and with my structural instabilities I was unable to adapt. I remember my chin deviating to the side with the orthotic causing a large muscle knot. I realize there are DDS's who recognize the relationship between jaw and body who co-treat with chiros. I don't believe them to be NM DDS's since they don't utilize jaw tracking or TENS. Am I correct? I've been told that if you have ascending skeletal issues NM will not be successful. I also present with twisted and rotated hips as well as shoulder imbalances and central sensitization (I've not heard it referred to in this manner) Did you have these issues before you began treatment or did the imbalances present as you were working through to correction? I don't want to bombard you with questions but how did your problems initially present and what physical medicine professionals have you worked with? My occlusion has always been unstable since I don't maintain a solid skeletal foundation. My current skeletal issues are largely due to the first dental orthotic. The learning curve is great and it's a long, strange and difficult road to recovery. I'm glad you responded to my post, you really made my day.

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