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worried I have ovarian cancer

First time I've ever posted on a talk thread like this. I am out of mind worried. I have been bloated for over three weeks, have intermittent lower back pain, bowel irregularities and a little bit of pink spotting every day except the first week where I had actual red blood. I also have very little gas. I have had a lot of gynecological problems in the past: a cyst the size of a baseball (with none of these current symptoms), cervical dysplasia, uterine fibroids which I've had removed surgically three times and endometriosis for which I've also had surgery. This bloating is not an issue I've ever had with my past gyno problems. My belly is so distended that I look pregnant. I'm on the pill continually for my endometriosis but am wondering if taking one week off (do this at least once a year) for a "bleed out" could have something to do with the bloating. I skipped a week of pills starting exactly 4 weeks ago, did not bleed at all that week, then began bloating and bleeding shortly after I started my next pill pack. I can't find anything on the internet pointing to anything other than ovarian cancer that makes sense. Another thing I've noticed is when I lay down, I don't feel that full or bloated which makes me worried the bloat is due to fluid, like the fluid that comes from ovarian cancer. I had an exam and she said everything felt normal. The next step is the ultrasounds which I've hesitated on because of my high deductible plan. I'll have to pay $1200 out of pocket. I guess I have to do it but in the meantime I feel like I'm losing my mind over this worry. I'm 38 and have no history of any type of cancer on either side of my family. If anyone has any insight I would so appreciate it right now.

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