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Re: candida and sugar addiction

I have the exact same problem and yes it does sound like Candida. I was diagnosed with Candida almost 6 months ago. I went on the diet the day I found out because I had been in such pain for months not able to eat different foods. I also took Probiotics and Grape Fruit Seed Exstract which kills Candida and helps with Acid Reflex. What has helped the most is to go on the diet, take probiotics and take GSE. Don't take too much of the Grapefruit seed exstract or it will make you feel kinda sick to the stomache get the liquid kind and take 3 drops 2-4 times a day. Some other things that help is Coconut oil ( I am sensetive to oils also) but a few drops in food a few times a week can really help the Candida. Also raw honey is beneficial to digestion. I eat it with oatmeal everyday and stomache seems a lot better. You will have to keep using these things for 3 to 6 months depending on how bad the Candida is. I've been on the probiotics for 5 months now and I am just starting to be able to eat stratches again with out much pain..still a little bit. Oh and make sure the water you are drinking doesn't have a high PH level that can really affect Candida Dont eat/drink too many fruints, bread, pasta, anything with yeast, dairy (only yogurt which is really a great things for Candida too and you can have feta cheese) and sugary foods.

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