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Worried my dr will stop prescribing me my adderall

After years of trying holistic approaches to my ADHD, I finally got an adderall prescription this past January. Besides the fact that I've NEVER been very good about taking medication every day, I also don't like the side effects I get from adderall so I end up taking it only about 22-25 days out of the month (i always skip weekends). At first I was prescribed 40mg (regular, not XR) to take every day. I called after a week to complain about my side effects and my doctor told me that if they didnt go away I could drop the dose and take just 20mg every day. So I did and two months later I called back to have a new prescription mailed to me (I live an hour away). The receptionist didn't ask any questions and just said she'd have the doctor write it for me. When I got the prescription in the mail he had bumped it down to 20mg a day, I guess because he can only prescribe me one month at a time and he knew it had taken 2 months to finish the 40mg dose.

Fast forward, like I said I don't take it every day but I've been getting it mailed to me every month regardless. I got so behind with my pills that it finally got to the point where I didn't fill my May prescription until June. With all the extras that had accumulated I'd forgotten completely to get it filled and the paper prescription had just been sitting on my counter. Anyways, even though I technically just got my prescription from may filled and I should be good until July, I worried that if I didn't call back until July that my doctor would notice it's been two months and bump my dosage down again. So I called the office and asked the receptionist to have the doctor mail me the new prescription "for june" and she said ok, but so far I haven't gotten anything in the mail. Because of the controlled substance monitoring in virginia (which I didn't think about before I called) I feel like maybe the reason I didn't get it is because he wouldn't write it for me when he saw I had just filled a prescription. I am NOT an abuser, obviously, I was just too lazy to talk to the doctor directly and explain to him the situation. I'm really worried now though that the next time I call for a new prescription I'll be in "trouble" with him for that and he wont write me any more.

What should I do in this situation? I've basically dug myself into a hole and it sucks because next month I'm starting my first full time job after graduating college.

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