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Exclamation What are the chances of pregnancy?

On June 9 me and my girlfriend had unprotected + protected sex(I know it sounds weird).

She started her period on June 1st and the blood stopped at around June 5 according to her.

Having sex on June 9, we started unprotected in the shower, then went on to the bed. I ejaculated then however pulling out well before anything came out. Immediately I went to the shower and washed up with water and soap, then urinated.

Then going for round 2, I put on a condom. We went for a good 30 minutes or so until I decided to take the condom off(perhaps stupid). We continued and then I ejaculated again awhile after, once again pulling out well before. Once again, went straight to wash up with water and soap, and forced urination to clean out the tubes.

Finally we went for round 3 starting with a condom and ending with one still on.

From this situation, where her period ended recently + what had happened, what are the chances of pregnancy?

Thanks a bunch.

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