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Fatigue, but nothing conclusive

I recently had a visit to a new physician, as I have getting the run around with my local VA clinic. I am currently chelating out mercury and lead from my body, the latter metal being very high in my system, based on a provocation test.
So far, my kidney function has been fairly stable, with creatininine, eGFR and BUN being well within normal bounds (have measured low on vitamin D level). My ACTH came out at 26, about mid-range; my TSH was at 6.06, with 5 being the upper range of this test. I got a letter from the doctor's office saying everything was within normal range. However, I have daily fatigue.
I am taking anti-oxidant vitamin and mineral supplements, at the levels recommended for my heavy metal chelating regimen. I am also taking supplements for adrenal support, as heavy metal removal can be tax the adrenals.
I don't know where to go from here, as every test comes up normal, but I still feel very fatigued, especially upon awakening (must take melatonin, and other things to sleep at night, as I get energy spikes late at night!)
What might I be missing? Is it possible that I have CFS (ME?) from heavy metal toxicity, without there being any marked endocrine issue? I do feel better by walking briskly with my Standard Poodle. I also eat a lot of green leafy veggies and eat plenty of fruit.

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