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Re: Recurring fevers, possibly started with strep

So we started using a xylitol toothpaste (as recommended by the holistic center when we called to make an appt) about 10 days before his last fever. Spry Xylitol toothpaste. That fever came 21 days (instead of 20) after the previous one. The fever lasted 2.5 days. Unlike the last time it was 2.5 days after using a xylitol toothpaste, this time, I believe it was high all 2.5 days. Last time, it was high the 1st day, low grade the remaining time.

We are also using probe covers on the thermometers to be safe.

I'm not sure the Spry toothpaste has as much xylitol as nature's gate (cherry). It says use 3-5 times daily. Who has time to brush a toddler's teeth 3-5 times daily?! So after that fever, purchased Nature's gate cherry again and this time, thank goodness, he says he likes it. Spry has the same texture as Orajel. Nature's gate is thicker.

In between these fevers - we had him looked at by the holistic dr. He did a scan and says he has strep all over his body and in his intestines. He also diagnosed one other thing, and something else he's not sure of, and prescribed a treatment plan. none of these included xylitol which i was surprised by.

Also took him to an infectious diseases specialist (IDS). She said that their theory is the immune system overreacts and it's triggered by a bout of infection. Could be any infection. So the diagnosis is PFAPA.

I find it easier to believe what the holistic dr would say and that is that the infection never left the body. I asked the IDS if strep could still be lurking in the body - told her of the coincidence with xylitol reducing his fevers to 1 day during the time he took it and how it went back to 3 days after he stopped.

She said it was outside her realm to comment on that (fair enough) and she would be interested if we continue w/ Xylitol. She recommended Prednisone. There are 3 treatment plans - Xirtax (I think), Prednisone and Tonsilectomy. Predinsone is used once at the fever onset and usually the fever is gone for that episode. Used again once at the next fever episode etc. Sometimes after a few treatments, it goes away. But can return again in 6 months or so - but at that point the fevers could be random - not every 21 days, so you can't be certain.
Tonsilectomy works 80-something% of the time - or maybe it was more.

Before going to the IDS, we showed his pediatrician the logs, and he had a ton of tests done. Malaria, TB, strep in blood (I don't understand the reading), many others. They drew about 5 vials of blood. These were sent to the IDS. All negative.

Anyway, we are using the xylitol toothpaste - nature's gate cherry. and we used the mouthwash once. he didn't like it. the nasal spray we haven't started yet due to issues. we aren't taking the holistic supplements for fevers, but for the other stuff. and we don't plan on taking prednisone just yet.

his next fever was due yesterday (20 days) and he did not have a fever today. so we are past 21 days.

I wish I knew why he skipped a fever after December. And I long to know what brought the fevers down from 5 days in dec to 1 day in march or april - i forget which. The Dec fever - he had a ton of yogurt in the morning that day, and he ate well (he normally does the day before the fever). Around 8pm he vomited and had a fever then. And then he missed a fever. The dec fever was the only one that lasted 5 days. They started at 3 days and went to 4 days before the dec fever.

I know that when we started using the xylitol toothpaste, he was using it twice per day, then i was concerned because he got sick so often and I felt salt water kills germs, so we used the toothpaste once per day and the salt water the other time. at the time, he didn't know how to spit the toothpaste out and was swallowing it. we did not have him rinse with salt water since he would swallow it.

now, he can spit - though he doesn't always spit the toothpaste out. We brush twice per day now with toothpaste and he rinses after with salt water.

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