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Re: So... I'm getting REALLY tired of my Ectomorphic figure....

Wow! You seem really unhappy about your body. I think you have a case of the "grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome. Ectomorphs are gorgeous! Take Natalie Portman for instance! However, if you are unhappy there is plenty you can do about your ectomorph shape. I am a personal trainer and understand that you have a look in mind that you want. You mentioned that you want to put on some curves and muscle. But, you also mentioned that you only eat junk food! What are you thinking! In order to build a house you need wood, concrete, nails, ect. You can not build muscle without giving your body the proper nutrition to build muscle. Muscle is made out of amino acids and the vitamins and minerals in nutritious food. Likewise, if it was easy, everyone would look like Jennifer Garner in Alias! You have to put forth the word and dedication.