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Re: Mild scoliosis with severe constant pain

Originally Posted by jamiea89 View Post
I don't want to start giving out my life story unless this message/thread is actually active but I have scoliosis with about a 37 degree curve and although its classed as mild, its taking over my life. Every doctor just dismisses me as they've tried everything and can't figure anything out to help me. They referre me to this person then that person and its really depressing me now, I can't live like this. I want to work and live like a normal person but its becoming impossible. I can't handle much more with no sign of help from anyone! is there anyone out there who can help me
22 yr old female from London,uk
Hi Jamie

Have you tried the painkillers/Anit-inflamatories Naproxen or Diflufenac. I aslo use Tramadol 100 when things are tough.

I'm really sorry to hear that you've been dismissed by doctors. I've had similar experiences and I know how soul destroying it can be. Many hugs to you ok.

best wishes


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