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Re: Home care or rehab facility?

Hi stepbill,

In April of 2011, I had a right TKR and arthroscope of my left knee in the same surgery. (I had a meniscal tear and torn ACL in my left knee, but did not want to do both TKRs during the same hospital admission.) Because I live alone, I HAD to go to a rehab facility for them to teach me how to walk the stairs in my apartment safely.

This March, I had the left TKR (the osteoarthritis in my left knee unfortunately undid my surgeon's excellent scope repair faster than either of us expected!)

So this time, because I only had ONE knee operated on, I had 3 days of PT IN THE HOSPITAL (They started a new group therapy program in the Ortho Unit for joint replacement patients.) and then was allowed to go home and have home physical therapy through the local Visiting Nurse Service. (I even had my regular outpatient therapist do my home therapy, because she's affiliated with my local visiting nurse service. She actually did my home therapy last year too after I came home from the rehab facility. Because I had my right TKR first last year, I was not allowed to drive for SIX WEEKS post surgery.))

If you don't live alone and/or are having only ONE TKR, I would opt for home PT through your local visiting nurse service. Most of the rehab places are usually within a nursing home which can be VERY DEPRESSING even if you're only there for a few days! If you opt for home therapy, I think you feel more comfortable.

Hope this advice helps!

CPW2012 (Carol)

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