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Re: Home care or rehab facility?

Hi again stepbill,

I disagree with the other two people who advised you to go to a rehab facility. As noted in my first post to you, most rehab is done in a nursing home which can be AS DEPRESSING AS H**L and getting anyone to answer my call bell within five minutes was non-existent!! Plus, the Friday I got there, I had very bad post anesthesia nausea/vomiting and they were only giving me these stupid FOUR MG. PILLS FOR IT!! Finally at 3 AM that Saturday morning, I asked the nurse what the dose of the pill was. When she said 4 mg., I blew a gasket and asked, "Are you for real?" NO WONDER I'M STILL NAUSEOUS! THIS ISN'T GOING TO BEGIN TO COMBAT THE NAUSEA!! I need either an anti-nausea pill of at least 300 mg, or PREFERABLY an injection of anti-nausea med of at least 400 mg.!!" I finally got the nursing supervisor to call the idiot covering doctor and he ordered the injections. I had to have them every four hours throughout the entire weekend and couldn't eat anything except saltine crackers!

So, because of that bad experience, when it came time this past January to schedule my left knee TKR, I told my surgeon that I wanted to go straight home. He definitely okayed that since I now had one stable TKR knee to rely on.

My recovery at home went MUCH FASTER and within a month I was walking up and down my stairs normally, one foot after the other! It was just more soothing and comfortable recovering at home. Plus I had plenty of friends checking up on me the first couple of weeks.

The other point, which you made yourself, is the insurance issue. Since I only had one knee operated on this year, my Blue Cross HMO WOULD NOT HAVE PAID FOR A REHAB FACILITY. Last year was different - they okayed that since I had surgery on both knees.

Since you are only having ONE TKR, don't bother fighting your insurance company. Just go straight home and have your hospital discharge planner arrange for the physical therapist to come to your home. This way, you will be back in the atmosphere of the creature comforts of your own home, and I believe you'll find yourself really motivated to do everything your surgeon and PT ask of you to get better faster!

Hope this advice helps you.

CPW2012 (Carol)

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