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Re: Sjogrens and hair loss

I did not have dry eyes or mouth when I was diagnosed last year either. My symptoms were fatigue, hair loss, joint pain and swelling, IBS symptoms and a persistent dry cough but my mouth did not feel dry. It feels somewhat dry now, but I think that's a side effect of some of the medications I'm on.

I was immediately put on Plaquenil after my lab work came back so elevated (ANA, SS-A, RF, SED) and in the past year, my symptoms have continued to worsen at an alarming rate. Joint pain and fatigue have gotten much worse, I've developed pulmonary disease, skin rashes, run fevers almost daily.

A lot of the literature out there claims Sjogren's is a slowly progressive disease, but I've known quite a few people who have had a very rapid progression with their disease. It's a very individualized thing, just like any other disease.

I saw a dermatologist the other day about my rashes, and she mentioned there are steroid creams that might help with hair loss related to AI diseases - I'm not sure how those are applied, but it might be worth looking into (I'm going to try to get my rashes under control, then I think I'll ask her about it for my hair/scalp).