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Re: Sjogrens and hair loss

Hi, I too suffer hair loss. It has been very distressing. I have seen a dermatologist and was given injections as well as a topical that I applied at night for three weeks and then one week off. It seemed to help and my hair stylist says I have regrowth. Lately it has gotten worse again (along with other symptoms) so I am not sure if I am in a flare or if the Plaquenil is not working for me. The Dermatologist I saw seemed to be having a bad day when I saw him this week (that is a gross understatement) so he wasn't really any help to me in my followup. He said the treatment had worked but ranted on about other things it could be including ranting about his wife seeing a moose that was really a coyote.(sorry, some "venting" there) Anyway, I plan on finding a new Dermatologist and trying to see if they feel further treatments could help. Initially. this guy had said if the treatments worked we would continue them. He didn't offer that option on my return just told me to accept it. I have also tried using Biotin, and sulfate free shampoos. I think that the Biotin helped marginally and that using Nioxin shampoo was somewhat helpful. Not so sure that the sulfate free shampoos have made a difference. I know it's hard but try not to be discouraged. I plan to keep trying to find a solution. That's why I like this board. It's nice o be able to share with others and find the support of people with the same issues. I wish you well, and if I find anything that works I will post it....Keep in touch.