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Re: its cancer!!!

I am so sorry you have joined --the club-- we have millions of members, unfortunately. Having had breast cancer I know a bit about all the emotions and throughts going through your mind. The good thing about breast cancer is the improvements in treatments and outcomes. Progress by leaps and bounds are being made daily. Even in the time since I was treated.... protocols have changed. I had invasive ductal carcinoma a 2.2CM. and one positive sentinal node. I chose to have a mastectomy, but could have had a lumpectomy. I had 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 5 years of follow-up hormone blocking drug. I am cancer free 5 years later. Treatment is no longer the shotgun approach. Pathologists can pin-point at a cellular level and recommend specific treatments because of your unique cancer cells. Women want to know what to expect and that is almost impossible to guess because of the specific treatment that will be just for you. Women also want to know their --survivability-- DON'T GO THERE it is in cold, clinical statistics. When you start reading that, it puts everything on a negative plane. Doctors have to talk in percentages but we were unique individuals. We, as humans, do NOT have an expiration date! I just marched through my treatment with a positive attitude, and a big bucket of humor. I know you are not at that point yet. Once your treatment path is mapped out for you, you WILL feel better. The --unknown-- space you are in right now is a terrifying place. You already KNOW you have breast cancer. Even in that, you no longer need to --worry--. The rest is a process of discovery. You will be able to get through this and hopefully, women on this board can help you.... I know I would. I also went through the preliminary tests.... an MRI, a CT, on and on.... plus a million vials of blood.....arrrrgh. Right now, I wish you a quick passage of time to gather all the facts you need. Be very careful what you read on the internet especially at this particular time in your diagnosis. You don't have enough facts to read something that really applies to you. There are a so many of us breast cancer alumni alive and well today. You can join us!!!! It is a rocky journey but we all make it along that path. Please keep us posted.... I will follow is you reply on this board. You have a whole lot of living to do... you will make it. Hang in there...take care, Sharon

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