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Re: Home care or rehab facility?

Hi stepbill, I can tell you that if your primary insurance said no to only ONE TKR for a rehab facility, your other two insurances will probably say the same thing. Plus, you don't live alone like I do, so you will have family support plus Visiting Nurse service that provides a home physical therapist for as long as you need it, right in the comfort of your own home.

My surgeon who is Chief of Orthopedics at the hospital where I had each of my TKRs a year apart, asked the hospital to please start an "In House" group physical therapy program with the goal of being able to send patients straight home and get any supplemental physical therapy they might need in the comfort of their own homes. He found that his patients healed faster and were more motivated going into surgery if they knew they could go straight home to complete the rehab process.

That turned out to be true for me this year with my second TKR (left knee). As noted in my original post to you, the only reason I had to go to a rehab/skilled nursing facility last year was because I had the right TKR AND an arthroscopic repair of my left knee. That is the ONLY reason my insurance approved a rehab facility. This year, with just the left TKR being done, even if I HAD wanted to go to a facility post hospital, my insurance co. would definitely have said no.

You can check with your other two insurance plans, but I am willing to bet they will turn you down on the rehab facility just as your primary insurance did.

Let me know what happens.

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