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Re: Stroke Survivor - 43 years old - no health issues

Thanks for replying so quickly, at the moment I think I just need someone to talk to as much as anything.
It is inspiring to hear your story and how positive you are.
Fortunately my past symptoms have not been too long lasting ranging from a couple of weeks to a few months until recovery, although there are some residual problems with my memory. I have had 3 main episodes in the last 4 years but am only now getting some sort of answer as to what is happening.
I am very sceptical of the medical profession due to misdiagnosis of my husband who was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumour 12 years ago followed by them arguing amongst themselves about his treatment with him stuck in the middle just wanting the best chance of a cure. (fortunately he is still with us) I now find myself back at the same hospital with one of the same consultants which is why I found myself in such a daze during my consultation, I hadn't realised how traumatic I would find it being back there.
Anyway I will end here but I am glad that there are such friendly people here to talk to.
Thanks for listening, I will update you when I know something.

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