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Re: diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia... surgery necessary?

Originally Posted by Elaine910 View Post
I'm confused and I just wanted to see if anyone out there was in a similar situation and could offer any advice...I had a HIDA scan and there was no ejection, 0%. It also said bile reflux. One doctor told me I should have my GB removed asap, as it could be dangerous to leave it in, it could rupture and cause septicemia. Then a surgeon told me it was NOT dangerous to leave it in, but that I should have it removed so I can eat normally again.

I'm not experiencing pain or nausea, only mild pain when I eat something heavy. I have strictly limited my diet, though, and I'm not able to eat a lot of "regular" foods, like pizza, lasagna, anything with meat/cheese.
I guess I'm worried because I'm young (31) and I don't want to take it out and then have worse symptoms, like diarrhea, pain, etc, or if it won't even solve the problem.
I'm leaning towards just having it removed because I'm tired of always having to be so careful with what I eat, and also worried about the possibility of having it rupture. I don't even know how likely that is, but it sounds dangerous and I don't want to take any chances.
Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading...
Me too, in the same situation. HIDA 3%. Do not have much pain. A few times of stomach ache in Jan. Have not had any pain since. My symptoms are gas and gas trapped in chest area with difficulty to have a good breath. Lots of burping. Feel better with my breathing after burp. My diet usually is not heavy. But can not eat certain food which makes air trapping in the chest worse. No any kind of beans, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and corn. If I eat above, I will feel like want to go to ER for difficulty having a good breath.
One GI doc said remove gallbladder, one GI said my symptoms are not related to my 3% gallbladder functioning. Put me on PPI which only help my reflux feeling but not the air/ pressure feeling to my chest. Often feeling air at my throat too. One surgeon told me to remove it and the other surgeon told me ok to remove gallbladder as it is not working but my symptoms are not going to go away. I am tired being sick and can not eat normal. Lost 5 lbs. Ironically I am a GI nurse. Researched and it is a split decision 50-50. Very frustrated and tired about suffering and thinking about it everyday. Hoping someone there with similar symptoms and have success story with their treatment. About to go to the 3rd GI and will take the advise whatever is!!!