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Re: Stroke Survivor - 43 years old - no health issues


As you can see, your post has already drawn in another person in need of our support and understanding. It can be contagious! That is certainly a good thing, and thank you for sharing your post with our new friend shortlegs.

It can be the "not knowing" that is enough to drive us nuts trying to figure it out. There seems to be so much peace in knowing it started here, or ended there. We do not have that luxury in this stroke business. Finding a way to reconcile that big question mark is always going to be there. When did it start, where did it start, is it over?

In my case, I do know the cause of my strokes, but even then it did not stop them from happening. I was under the very close eye of several specialists that could not stop them. I think we all have had at least one experience with a doctor who led us down the wrong path, and that is enough to scare us away from all of them. I was able to find the life saving doctors AFTER my strokes...go figure. Mine led to kidney failure, and I have been saved from dialysis so far. So I consider that a huge save from my doctor on that one. Not to mention my new attitude about my own care has changed drastically.

Before, I was "safe" from all harm, so I thought. I was young, healthy, strong, independent! As soon as the unexpected happens, you suddenly realize it CAN happen to you, and that is a rude awakening. It is like a huge cosmic accident. Then left alone to sort it all out again, when we never saw anything coming or going. I will tell you, it is a major character builder to pull yourself up out of a stroke! That is that part that comes later, and offers the most amazing relief! That is probably the part we call being positive..because years later, we are positive we are better. We are positive about our advice to others, because it is our experience. From zero to 50, in 9 years for me. And the 50 is just my age, not my speed, that would be a much lower number!.

I will tell you this, we share the age of 43 as the age in which we re-start our lives again, and that is a very positive thing, because we are young enough to have another entire life!

your friend, Janet


Hello, it is nice to have you join us. You are certainly in the right place, and are welcome to be here. I would like to ask you if you would start a new thread, to introduce yourself, and talk a bit about your situation. That way everyone can find you easily and respond directly to you. Goodness knows, how we all need some organization! It is always so nice to hear that you have found inspiration in some of the stories here...

To start a new thread, simply click on the tab that says,"start a new thread" and a brand new spot will open just for you.

Meanwhile, please feel free to get all of this out here, as that is so helpful to many of us. Just having the same questions that others do, and the same concerns is a relief after feeling quite alone for so long. Waiting for the doctors can be enough to send a person over the edge, and while you wait, you always have us to wait with you, to share in your good news and to comfort you in the bad. And as Mulchie reminds us, we have to learn to work these doctors to our best advantage.

A warm welcome,

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