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Re: My 7 year old is different...

After reading many of your posts I noticed a lot of you talked about socks and shoes not being right, etc... My son does the very same thing with his shoes and socks often changing them several times before he is satisfied, he had been late to school many times because of it and the moment he gets off the bus, socks and shoes are off and do not go back on his feet until he absolutely has to. He loves my toe socks because they have no seam accross the top... They don't seem to make them for boys so I thought about trying to make them myself... I was also like this when I was young and I still kind if an, maybe it is genetic? He also frequently gets in trouble at school for being disruptive, not raising his hand, playing with others during work time, etc... He is talked to daily and you can try to make him look you in the eye and tell him 1 sentence and ask him to tell you what you just said and he has literally no clue! But he cam tell you what happened through a whole cartoon he just watched... He is so detailed and remembers stuff from when he was a year old but can't recall what a person just told him 10 seconds ago, the dic I took him to said it is just because he doesn't want to! It just seems strange to me, should I get a second opinion?