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i suffer with alot of scratching been going to the doctors for years with it been given different diganose's everytime then a doctor prescribe me Daktarin it's good it stops the itching till it becomes hot sweaty down there and the doctor said take my pants down let it get some fresh air to it might do it good but when there hot and sweaty nothing works and i am nearly clawing at them and leaving me in agony. It gets me down quite alot feel depressed that i have to scratch them more worried about if i could be damaging my penis foreskin round the head and my ball sack area that can be very itchy

I am also worried about if a penis can shrink from the treatments for the itching? Also a while ago before the itching i have noticed like white blodges on the head of the penis that worries me as using creams on the head would have thought got rid of the white blodges i have been diagnosed with ezcemea before and the latest 1 was Balanitis xerotica obliterans and i had never heard of it before till the doctor mentioned it

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