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Re: My Toddler Hits me...

I am going through something similar. Nothing aids when my (2 year old) son is in his "mood." My other 2 children (age 8 and 3) are starting to really yell and sometimes hit him and are acting out because their brother is taking so much time away from their fun. I totally get it!! My son too has been like this since birth. Nothing ever really calmed him down. He has always been so hot or cold I can't remember him just "relaxing" and chilling out.

My question to you is how did you get him into somewhere regarding his behavior? I really feel this is something different then like your other children and no one believes you! When my sister actually experienced it full on she couldn't believe it! My son is getting speech therapy but they don't offer anything in regards to behavior stuff and don't offer any other services. My pediatrician doesn't seem to get it either. My son is not thriving as much as he should and I do beleive it is due to his behavioral issues. His height is on the 10% tile and weight is below as well. My other son was on the 90th at his age for both and my daughter is average. How did you get a diagnosis? Do I take him myself to a psychologist? Do I wait til he is 3? Even if you think everyday you are about to bust at the seems without any help!!

I hear your stress! I am there with you!