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Exclamation Stress makes ​​anxious, stomach ache, and fart

Hi, I have problems that doctors can't explain them.
I got these symptoms about 1 year ago:
Being in crowd or at any special time makes
1. My heart beats faster
2. I become panic and start thinking "Will this happen again?"
3. I can't find a good position to sit, makes me always change the positions
4. I lose concentration
5. Makes a stomach ache
6. Makes me want to fart
7. Sometimes I don't fart, it's like I push my stomach and my body on the seat and musty smell comes out

At first time, I thought it was just my feelings and it wouldn't happen again. But after that time, I couldn't sleep and started thinking about it. Now, I still feel the symptoms.

I've tried to go to physician specialist in internal medicine and he said no problem.

I went to psychiatrist and he gave me some advices. But, it doesn't work.
It makes me depressed and afraid to go out. I'm afraid of disturbing others because my problems.

Please help me, I really need someone to help me, because it makes me frustrated.
Any help would be great
Sorry for my poor English, thanks a lot



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